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Linell Wagers
RN, BSN, Aesthetic Specialist

I began my career as a registered nurse in 2001 in the field of Oncology. This area of nursing enabled me to provide compassionate, holistic care to people suffering from life-changing and often life-ending diseases. During this time in my career I realized the importance of prevention and maintenance as it relates to diet and life-style changes. From here I segued into Aesthetic Nursing in 2007, which allowed me to provide clients with effective interventions and practical illness prevention strategies to address their body concerns. All of this training has prepared me to help people through Premier Body Sculpt LLC. Not only am I able to provide clients with a non-invasive, safe and permanent option to eliminate body fat, but I am also able to incorporate the education and tools needed on a daily basis to maintain a healthy life-style.

Obesity and excess body fat not only make daily life difficult, but it also poses very real long-term health risks. Body fat directly increases physical body stress in the form of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, back and joint pain and endocrine malfunction. This non-invasive process of fat removal can help people across the weight spectrum live a healthier life. Whether your current regimen has stalled and you need a jump-start for more fat and weight loss or your need to decrease your health risks, this procedure has the ability to help you. Most importantly, permanently eliminating excess body fat can decrease your risk for cardiac disease, developing type II diabetes, improve your energy level and quality of sleep.

As a nurse, my goal is to help people live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through Premier Body Sculpt LLC, I am able to incorporate healthy diet and exercise strategies, education, maintenance plans and non-invasive fat removal techniques to help you achieve a better you.


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